Captains of the Wacky Waters is a fast-paced boat roguelike where ships drift and krakens wear moustaches. Your goal is to reach Heaven alive, so that your ghostly crew can finally rest in peace. To do so, you’ll have to defeat other captains as you find more crew members and upgrade your ship with new cannons and crazy gadgets. Become one with the Wacky Waters to overcome the odds of the increasingly strange zones you will sail through.


Shortly before the team graduated from university, the three of them knew that they wanted to create a game, but also that this game had to be saleable if they wanted to create more games in the future. Therefore, following Ryan Clark's philosophy, the team decided that the idea had to meet three requisites: want to make, able to make, profitable to make. After a brainstorming period, they decided to create a roguelike with Wind Waker and Adventure Time's aesthetics, and thus Captains of the Wacky Waters was born.


  • Good vibes roguelike with loads of wackiness and weirdness.
  • Pick from 9 playable captains after defeating them. Each ship has different features and a special ability to play with.
  • Save cute little ghosts that will join the crew taking one out of the 6 different roles to help you in your journey.
  • Use a range of over 40 weapons to shoot and slash your enemies, including a cannonball shotgun, a mine cannon, or a giant hammer.
  • More than 70 gadgets and upgrades. These are curious and diverse items with different functions to upgrade and configure your ship, from a medieval spear to a pair of giant incognito glasses for your boat.
  • Navigate through 6 different procedurally generated zones with unique gameplay styles and aesthetics, which will become more and more strange.
  • Many, many hats! Every living thing in the game wears its own type of hat.


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About Ceiling Games

Ceiling is a team of three people making wacky games in the hope of running away from having an underpaid office job. Also, these three people are the spaniards: Sandra Valverde, Guillermo Pitarque, and Fran Vadillo; who somehow spend too much time staring at the ceiling, contemplating their existence.
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Captains of the Wacky Waters Credits

Sandra Valverde
Programmer, Producer, PR
Guillermo Pitarque
3D artist, Audio artist
Fran Vadillo
2D & Tech Artist, Programmer, Designer, PR